CBSE / NCERT English & Maths Worksheets / Workbooks
for Class 1 to Class 12. For Academic year 2022-23

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Class 4 English Workbook & Worksheets

The topics covered are Punctuation, Abbreviations, Internet chat abbreviations, Fact or Opinion, Shopping Clues, Latin Root Words, Homonym, Synonym, Double letters, Word families, Phoneme, Grammar, Past Tense, Present Tense, Writing, Persuasive writing, Paragraph writing, Drawing Inferences, Adverting Pamphlet inference, Advertising & its influence, Understanding advertisements, Comprehension passage, Spelling & Vocabulary, Activities worksheet, to support the chapters covered in the NCERT books recommended.

Edition: 2021
Curriculum: CBSE, NCERT & SCERT Syllabus
File Type: PDF Immediate Download
Pages: 124
Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri
Price: Rs 100