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Class 5 English

Syllabus: The topics covered are Literacy, Colloquialisms, Suffix, Prefix, Homonyms, Abbreviations, Word families, Personification, Palindrome, Similes Pronunciations, Spelling list, Contraction, Preposition, Proverbs, Compound words, Syllables, Conjunctions, Silent letters, Negative prefix, root words, Creative writing, Onomatopoeia, Punctuations, Hyperbole, Tenses, Irregular verbs, Sentence work, Sentence fragments & run on, Writing prompts, Paragraph writing, Creative writing, Story writing, Pen pal letter sample, Research skills, Metaphors, Idioms, Pangrams, Syllables, Comprehension passages, to support the chapters covered in the NCERT books recommended. Answers are NOT given so that children try as the most important aspect of learning is attempting to solve, when you do that, over a period of time, answering will become easy.

Content: The practice worksheets in this workbook have been carefully made my experienced teachers with a global perspective for students to be one step above the others. Some grammar exercise, reading and writing tasks will be tough but that is the objective to prepare students for a bright future.

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