CBSE / NCERT English & Maths Worksheets / Workbooks
for Class 1 to Class 12. For Academic year 2022-23

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Class 2 English Worksheets & Workbook

The topics covered Spelling & Vocabulary, Alphabetical order of words, Character & Setting in a Story, Capitalization, Silent Letters, Compound words, Suffix, Synonyms, Opposites, five senses, Sight Words, Question Words, Colour Words, Grammar, Adjective, Action verb, collective noun, Commas, Preposition, Comparative & Superlatives, Articles, Reading Comprehension, Writing Work and more to support the chapters covered in the NCERT books recommended. Answers are NOT given.

Edition: 2021
Curriculum: CBSE, NCERT & SCERT Syllabus
File Type: PDF Immediate Download
Pages: 124
Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri
Price: Rs 100